Sunday, 24 March 2013

Assignment #3 TVC : Idea & Concept

Local Ads : Digi - Malaysia Day Ads.

Idea : Harmony, Belacan, Drama.
Concept : The concept of this advertisement is to show how harmonize Malaysian is even while discussing on 'belacan' topic. Everyone in Malaysia have their own opinion in describing how 'sambal belacan' affect their life, from an officer, farmer, auntie, mamak to doctor. Each role represent various people in Malaysia. Thus, this ads was to increase awareness of Malaysian on the unity that we have until today. Happy Belated Malaysia Day!

* * * * *

International Ads : De Lijn - Bus Company

Idea : Comparison, Travel, Safety.
Concept : The concept of this commercial is to show the differences between traveling alone and in a group. Rather than traveling alone, traveling with a group is a lot safer. The group of fireflies traveling represent the 'De Lijn' bus which is a lot safer choice for traveler.

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